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Massachusetts is currently operating under the Phase III, Step 1 guidance issued by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, as amended on August 13, 2020.  Basketball has been designated as a "higher risk" sport and therefore can only participate in Level 1 activities (individual or socially distanced group activities) as traditionally played and modified Level 2 play (competitive practices).   Level 3 play (games) are not yet allowed in Massachusetts. 

At this time, Lynnfield Public Schools is NOT allowing any youth sports organizations access to school gyms and therefore Lynnfield Youth Basketball will not be offering any form of in-town basketball during the 2020-2021 season. 

The Cape Ann League travel league is preparing for a 2020-2021 season, while it awaits approval by the state to allow basketball games.   The season would begin in January, run for 8 weeks, and then playoffs would start.  Lynnfield Youth Basketball will open registration for those interested in trying out for a travel team likely in late November.  Try-outs and practices would be held at Danvers Indoor  Sports, with games occurring at opponent locations or neutral sites.    

Please check back for future updates.


The following rules must be adhered to or your team will lose the privilege of using space in the Lynnfield Public Schools.

  • You are only approved for use of the gym and the closest bathrooms 

  • No food or drinks allowed in the gym (water bottles are fine)

  • A coach must always arrive before the team arrives, be present at all times and remain until everyone has left   

  • The gym must be cleaned up prior to the team’s departure (that includes all water bottles).  The coach is also responsible for checking the bathrooms and locker rooms for trash or vandalism   

  • The baskets must be returned to the position you found them in, if you changed them

  • Do not alter/change or remove anything from the walls or the space without permission  

  • Players should remain in the gym and parents in the gym or gym lobby.  Players/parents may use the closest bathroom

  • No bouncing, kicking or throwing balls in any space other than the gym.  Also, no bouncing balls off the walls or ceiling in or out of the gym  

  • Positively no wandering the school or hallways

Any damage to the building or vandalism will result in immediate loss of building use.  Additionally, your organization will be responsible for the cost of repairs. The DPW will contact you regarding the charges.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Lynnfield School Department


Lynnfield Youth Basketball

Lynnfield Youth Basketball is a sports program offered through Lynnfield Youth Sports Program, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  

Lynnfield Youth Basketball offers in-town basketball programs for girls and boys in grades 1 - 8, as well as travel team programs for grades 5 - 8.  The boys travel teams compete in the Cape Ann Boys Basketball League and the girls compete in the North Shore Girls Basketball League.  

Basketball Program Offerings

Skills and Drills

The Skills and Drills program is offered to Girls and Boys in Grades 1-3.  Sessions are held once a week at the Lynnfield Middle School for a period of 50-minutes each session.  There are 9 weekly sessions spanning from mid-November through late January / early February.  Sessions for Boys are held on Monday nights and sessions for Girls are held on Wednesday nights, both subject to periodic schedule adjustments due to gym availability.  See our Skills and Drills page for more information.

In-Town Basketball

The In-Town program is offered to Girls and Boys in Grades 4-8, both of which are divided into Junior Divisions (Grades 4-5) and Senior Divisions (Grades 6-8).  Players are divided into teams and each team meets once or twice per week for practices and games.  There will be approximately 8 regular season games, followed by playoffs.  All practices and games are held during weekday nights.  The season runs from mid-November through early March.  

Travel Basketball

The Travel program is offered to Girls and Boys in Grades 5-8.   All players registered in the In-Town program are eligible to try-out.  Selected players will be placed on teams by grade level.  Please be aware that travel team play requires a greater level of time commitment, with one or two practices per week, and games on weekends.  Try-outs are held in October and the season runs from early November to early March.  


If you are not a registered participant, but would like to receive organization news and announcements, join our email list by clicking on the link below. 

Lauren George